Tenby from the sea

Routes in the West

Tenby to Whitland

From Tenby the Cistercian Way takes a loop to the west to visit the medieval churches of Penally (Celtic carved stone crosses and medieval tombs), St Florence (set in a pretty village with a mill and picturesque old cottages) and Gumfreston (medieval wall paintings and a triple holy well: the Celts always thought in threes).

Rejoin the Pembrokeshire Coast Path at Saundersfoot then from Amroth follow the Knights’ Way to Ludchurch (where the Knights Hospitaller kept a hospice for travellers) then the Landsker Borderlands Trail to Whitland. Here you will find another modern Cistercian community, the nuns of Holy Cross Abbey. Walk through Whitland to the ruins of the medieval abbey, the mother house of the Welsh Cistercians.



Tenby to Whitland

Tenby to Gumfreston and Amroth

Walk along the coast to the holy wells at Gumfreston and back to Amroth.

Amroth to Whitland

Walk the Knights' Way and Landsker Trail to the site of Whitland Abbey

Places to visit along this route


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