Looking down the Vale of Clwyd


Noah's Ark on the font at Llangwyfan

Llangwyfan is, according to Hubbard, Buildings of Clwyd, ‘an endearing little church’ - Gothick windows, box pews and an amazing rococo marble font. This is carved with cherubs’ heads and Biblical scenes involving water: Noah’s Ark, Elisha healing Naaman the leper, the baptism of Christ by John the Baptist. The porch was built in 1714, and the churchwardens Cadwalader Edwards and Thomas ap Hugh had their names carved above the door to celebrate it.

Outside the church are the old village stocks. There is no village centre - just a scatter of cottages and farms, the local Big House and a former hospital. Llangwyfan Hospital is the big neo-Georgian building near the church. It was built as a sanatorium in 1918-20 as part of the Welsh memorial to Edward VII, but was closed in 1981.

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